Intel’s Compute Card Formally Launched

During the Computex event held in Taipei, Intel formally launched the Compute Card, a device that is the size of a credit card that had initially been announced during the Consumer Electronics Show held earlier in the year. Intel also announced partners who will be building products based on the Compute Card. This included LG, Foxconn, Seneca, NextDock, Contec, ECS, HP, MoBits Electronics, Smart Technologies, TabletKiosk, Suzhou Lehui Display and Sharp.

Measuring 94.5x55x5 millimeters, the Compute Card is basically a miniature personal computer. The intention is to offer it to device manufacturers who will use it as the brain. And in a card format, it becomes easy to plug it in and plug it out of various devices. One advantage of this is that when a new model is released, it will be easy to replace.

OEM partners

Sharp has already indicated that it will use the device in billboards and digital signage. Foxconn and Seneca, on the other hand, will use the tiny personal computer in powering up mini-PCs. LG plans to use the tiny PC in its monitors with a view to making them stand-alone computers while Nextdock plans to make a touchscreen device out of the Compute Card. Intel has also revealed that other partners such as Lenovo, HP and Dell did not have ready products to exhibit though they were certainly working on some.

Intel’s reference design is a tiny desktop personal computer that comes with Ethernet connectivity, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort and USB ports. When the Compute Card is popped in, it becomes a working computer.

Four variants

The Compute Cards will be available in four variants. One of the variants will use the Celeron N3450 processor, another one will use the Pentium N4200 processor, another one will use the seventh generation Intel Core i3 processor while the last one will use the seventh generation Intel Core i5 processor.

All the variants will possess DDR3 memory of 4GB. With regards to storage capacity, two of the variants will possess an Intel SSD drive of 64GB while two others will have an Intel SSD drive of 128GB. The Compute Card also possesses AC 8265 wireless networking that is built in as well as Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.

Compute Card Device Design Kit

The Compute Card will beginning shipping from the first of August this year. No information has been provided regarding prices yet. Also formally launched alongside the tiny PC was the Compute Card Device Design Kit for OEM partners.

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