YouTube for Android Goes Dark

Android users are finally going to be able to enjoy better YouTube viewing with the addition of dark mode.  Initially released for iOS, YouTube for Android will now get this dimmer display option as an automatic update over the weekend. This feature allows you to manually toggle the setting which makes it easier to watch YouTube in low light settings. You can find the toggle under the ‘General’ tab in the ‘Settings’ menu.

You may be aware that YouTube first released this mode on the desktop/web version of the app last year.  If we’re not aware, YouTube first revealed this dark mode in August of last year, launching it with a host of other new capabilities and various desktop and mobile design changes. And if you did know about it, you may be one of the many people who contributed to it being the most requested mobile app feature in the history of the company.  As such, YouTube for iOS launched the feature in March.  This feature has become quite a popular addition among many mobile apps with Twitter recently introducing “Night mode” in its Progressive Web App; Microsoft has also announced plans to roll out a similar dark mode for Outlook on the Web, too.

Just like dark mode works on the web version and on YouTube for iOS, the Android version of the app will allow you to change the white backdrop into a darker color. It will also allow you to select the profile header.  Again, this darker user interface is particularly helpful during night time viewing (or in dark rooms) as it reduces the eye-piercing glare from the white background; this, in turn, reduces (or, perhaps, even prevents) eye strain while watching videos.

Obviously, the weekend has concluded, but Android is still rolling out the update, and they are rolling it out at such a rate that it does not appear to be a test.  Thus, if you have not yet received it, just sit tight a little longer as the rollout is coming in stages (as usual). Par for course, though, Google did not immediately respond to any requests for comment.

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