Lilly Partners With Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Keen On Expanding Its Cancer Research Capability

Eli Lilly has announced that its cancer research partnership with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is being extended for an additional three years. The two companies first entered into a partnership in 2015.

Advancing cancer treatment and care

Since 2015, doctors from the two companies have been jointly working on pre-clinical and clinical studies to help in advancing cancer treatment. The two companies have also been engaged in several molecular analyses from several patients.

In a statement, Lilly Oncology senior vice president, global development and medical affairs, Levi Garraway, M.D., Ph.D. said that the collaboration will further open opportunities for clinicians and scientists from both companies to engage each other so as to develop more cancer cure and care products. He added that through the partnership, they will make funds available for testing several ideas both in the clinics and the laboratories. This will open avenues for discovery of new treatments for cancer.

Terms of the agreement

According to the terms of the partnership, scientists from Lilly will continue accessing Dana-Farber personnel and infrastructure to develop pre-clinical and clinical compounds. These compounds will be marketed in Lilly’s trademark.

On the other, the partnership allows Dana-Farber scientists to conduct studies on a number of Lilly’s compounds. All the compounds that will be evaluated will remain the property of Lilly. Both parties remained silent on the financial terms of the deal.

In the first three years of the companies’ partnership, Lilly has been accessing Dana-Farber resources and expertise in developing several pre-clinical and clinical compounds in its portfolio. Some of the products developed during the period include novel combinations, new indications, and formulation of several biomarker strategies. Through the partnership, the two companies have a good access to new and fresh ideas, strong and crucial communications and feedbacks on pre-clinical and clinical study planning, processes and implementation.

On his side, Dana-Farber chief scientific officer, Barrett Rollins, M.D., Ph.D. said that the partnership with Lilly offered a lot of opportunities to fill the gap between the industry and academia during the early stages of research on matters cancers. He added that a united approach has allowed the two companies to hasten the whole process of drug development by establishing links throughout the production chain. It speeds up the process of testing the new hypothesis. Rollins says the two companies are well aware of the impact of research in developing cancer care and cure.



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