Snapchat Might Be Venturing Into Gaming 

Snapchat has earned itself quite a strong reputation for its innovation in the social media space and it plans to pull yet another powerful move against the competition but this time it might involve gaming.

Snapchat has been experimenting with game-line elements on its platform for the past few months and this could point towards greater plans. Sources claim that the company has been working towards the launch of a gaming platform within the Snapchat app. They also revealed that the social media firm is already in talks with a gaming publisher to develop game titles for the social platform.

The gaming platform is reportedly scheduled for launch before the end of this year. The company has been diverting a lot of resources to its Lens Studio software. The latter allows developers to create specialized augmented reality filters. The social media company reportedly acquired a 3D game engine known as PlayCanvas in 2017 which is another strong indicator that Snapchat’ s parent company Snap has been working on a shift towards gaming.

So far there has been no official confirmation from Snapchat on whether the claims about a gaming platform are true, although the evidence strongly supports it. There is a huge chance that Snap will likely focus on AR filters especially considering the huge success of the “Pokémon Go” game in 2016 which demonstrated the potential of AR.

AR is becoming more popular with developers

It would also not be the first time that Snap is experimenting with AR. The company launched short selfie AR games called “Snappables” in April this year that easily integrate into Snapchat’s Lens selection user interface. Snapchat also seems to be taking a unique approach that is all about providing a better user experience rather than competing with similar rival projects like Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. This approach has helped Snapchat to gain an edge over its rivals including Facebook.

Unfortunately this time it looks like Snapchat might not have the bragging rights this time because Facebook has also been testing short sharable games on its Messenger platform. Tencent has also taken a similar approach with its WeChat app which generates about 40 percent of the company’s revenue from in-app purchases. AR is expected to become more popular as social media continue to launch new features aimed at providing the best user experience and boosting user engagement. More developers are expected to adopt this trend as competition continues to grow.

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