The Growing Impact Of Virtual Reality On Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) has had a bigger impact on gaming in the last couple of years than anything else. There are now VR arcades where players can meet up to play or challenge opponents from all over the globe. There are local and worldwide leagues for various games, and even world championships in some of them.

As the popularity of VR games, leagues and championships grow, so does the prize money. The total prize pool sometimes runs into millions of pounds. Although the money is good to have, for most gamers the prestige of winning is more important.

Just a few years ago VR was just a developers dream, but now it’s a reality that has taken the gaming world by storm.

The headsets you have to wear are not as big and cumbersome as they used to be, so are much more comfortable. You easily forget you are wearing them once you start a game.

Who’s Backing VR?

Virtual reality tech is popping up in lots of different industries. It’s becoming more firmly established as one of the technologies of tomorrow, there are even specialised venture capital funds set up solely for projects to do with VR, such as Sure Ventures.

VR is already being used heavily by medical professionals, from psychologists treating PTSD to doctors training students how to perform surgery. While the benefits of these applications are obvious, many other industries have found applications to help them become more profitable, such as architects who use VR to help construct stronger buildings or car manufacturers who use VR to help design safer cars.

As VR develops further expect it to be employed as a tool by any company that relies on visual stimuli, from estate agents to travel agents.

Live VR Online Games

Away from practical applications and mainstream or console gaming, VR online games might sound impossible, but with NetEnt, the impossible has become a reality. Their first was a game called Gonzo’s Quest Touch, but they have added many more to the list since. When you play casino table games, live slots, or any other game in an online casino, the games have been produced by other companies who supply them to the casinos. NetEnt is one of the most successful of these companies, their games being some of the most popular in the industry. So, it’s highly likely that VR will make its way into the mainstream.

Virtual reality is still in its infancy and as more new technologies are developed, so more uses will be found for it. The concept holds enormous potential for education, medicine, manufacturing, and business. Just imagine teaching a surgeon how to carry out particular procedures without them having to practise on a real patient. You could even take your holiday from the comfort of your own home. Just put the headset on and transport yourself to wherever you want to be.

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