Max Polyakov Shared His Opinion About the Future of the Economics of Knowledge

Max Polyakov, a PhD in International Economics and managing partner of Noosphere Ventures, considers that knowledge will become the main value in the economy of the future. The economics of knowledge as an emerging business model will be an enabling environment for the developing of innovations notes Max Polyakov.

Max Polyakov Noosphere

Different kinds of economic problems, like rising fuel prices, high exchange rates, growing unemployment, and low wages should be solved in our time. The vast majority of people are worried about the quality and the future of life. Max Polyakov has a PhD in Economics and believes that with the scientific and innovative progress, such problems will solve themselves. The rapid progress of innovation and knowledge influences production and social spheres of life, so a new business model of the economics of knowledge is emerging, and people should be prepared for it.

Lots of studies have been done in different fields of economics. Interest in economics research is growing from year to year. Many scientists have started discussing the emergence of a new business model. Some of them name it “the knowledge economy”, others “a knowledge-based economy”. Dr. Max Polyakov prefers “the economics of knowledge”.

A holistic concept that would totally explain the how exactly these business models work and their importance for economic development does not exist yet. Dr. Max Polyakov, in discussing the concepts of the economics of knowledge, followed several studies conducted by foreigner economists, (R. Delbridge, Joel Mokyr and Ruslan Grinberg) national Economists (T. Lukyanchikov, D. Lukyanenko, M. Chensova, O. Lukyanenko), and scientists. With his excellent business experience and after analyzing numerous scientific studies it became possible to use knowledge in economics in every sphere of public life.

Max PolyakovThe core message in the works of the managing partner of Noosphere Ventures, Max Polyakov, is the necessity of technological innovation and its adaptation to all fields of economics. He highlights that knowledge will become the main value of the economy. Thus, world leading organizations should facilitate accessible, extensive and equal use of knowledge for everyone.

Answering the question of how science may affect the quality of life Dr. Max Polyakov noticed that knowledge and innovation are the driving force of progress. He purports that each social process will be improved because of the development of innovative technologies and the key role of knowledge in economics. Besides this, he emphasizes that both society and individuals must change with the economics of knowledge. People should become stronger on physical and intellectual levels and aim to drive the progress by sharing knowledge and innovation.

Mankind is at the threshold of a new business model of the economics of knowledge that solves most of the social and economic problems and changes the world for the better according to the managing partner of Noosphere Ventures, Max Polyakov.

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