Delivery Trends Taking 2018 By A Storm

Every day, millions of letters, packages, parcels and containers are shipped to various destinations across the globe. The logistics industry is one of the biggest across the markets and holds an incredible influence over how we live our day to day lives; whether you’re shipping your own parcel through sites like ordering from the likes of Amazon and eBay have become part of a daily routine for some and without well-oiled delivery routines, this wouldn’t be nearly as possible as it is today. Of course, with a new year comes new trends to follow, and we’re exploring the biggest trends in delivery to watch in 2018.

Real-Time Visibility

A fully trackable and transparent supply chain can feel like a thing of dreams sometimes. While there are tracking options available on most of the things we order, these rarely go into details beyond which warehouse they are in at any one time, however 2018 could see vast improvement in real-time visibility. Not only will customers be kept in the loop as to where their order and drivers are at any one time and could even be given opportunities to contact their driver directly, but this transparency can help the company itself keep track of their business processes and adjust their business activity accordingly.

The Last Mile

Amazon has taken the world by storm in recent years, particularly with their two-day shipping and for those willing to pay for Amazon Prime, they can even have next day delivery if they so choose. However, as incredible as this is for those of us wanting to order, retailers are struggling to keep up with the pressure that this is causing on the industry. Customers have come to expect fast delivery, and in most cases, even the promise of free delivery can be ignored if it’s not within a few days of purchase. As a result, 2018 could see more and more retailers going above and beyond to offer brand new delivery services to get our orders to us in no time.


Automation is taking every industry by storm this year, however the supply chain in particular is going to see the full effect of just what it can do. Recent years have already seen Amazon trialling drone deliveries and the development of driverless vehicles hitting the roads to be tested, but this could become a staple in logistics in coming years. While we aren’t expected to be driving alongside Lorries with unnervingly empty cabs any time soon, the automation in the industry could change how we complete the entire delivery process. From warehouse organisation and back office processes, to drone drop offs and packaging robots, developments are already underway – it’s just a matter of waiting patiently.

Investments In Innovation

Innovative technologies in logistics are nothing new, but what is certainly set to change is just how many companies are willing to start investing in today’s new innovations. Some companies are developing specialist teams dedicated entirely to innovation labs and ensuring that they are keeping up with trends in order to offer the best possible service. It’s vital that companies do invest in innovation not only to keep them on their toes and ensure that they’re attracting a modern user base, but simply because investments will encourage further innovation in the future.

Our deliveries are important to us, whether we’re ordering from online retailers or shipping out our own goods. Having trustworthy couriers that can provide worthwhile services is a must, and 2018’s delivery trends are looking promising for the future. Could we see automation take off in a whole new way? Maybe we’ll have a newfound visibility into our orders. Whatever the case, the future is looking bright and we can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen.


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