Vernadsky Challenge 2017 From Max Polyakov And Noosphere Association

The Vernadsky Challenge is a well-known startup competition, established by Max Polyakov and Association Noosphere. The main purpose of the contest is to support young scientists, engineers, and IT professionals with innovative ideas and projects.

The contest usually attracts dozens of participants from various countries, including Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, India, Israel, and the USA. This factor makes the Vernadsky Challenge, organized by Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere, a global event with plenty of unique opportunities for its partakers.

Image credit: Vernadsky Challenge via Facebook

In 2017, the Vernadsky Challenge received over 230 applications. All of them presented exceptional and interesting solutions and innovations. However, the committee, headed by Max Polyakov, was forced to choose only three most promising startups. The winners of the contest were CloviTek, Cardiomo, and Cubomania projects.

Third place went to the latter-day solution, CloviTek. This is a special system that can easily connect to any source of audio and transmit it by Wi-Fi. The new device was also awarded by the Innovations Awards Honoree at CES 2018. According to Max Polyakov, the CloviTek project is very promising.


Cardiomo, an innovative health monitoring utility, won second place. The new tool includes such important features as the level of cardiac stress, heart rate, energy activity and many more health-related indicators. The project is currently presented on the international market. It also took part in numerous events for startups and won a guaranteed placement on, as well as other awards allowing further development.

Image credit: Vernadsky Challenge via Facebook

And, finally, first place went to Cubomania. Cubomania is a unique solution for kids and teens that allows educational play. The app helps children deepen their knowledge in math and finance. Max Polyakov completely supports the idea of developing children’s logic and intuition, since they are going to be building our future soon.

Max Polyakov, the co-founder of Noosphere also stressed that there are still plenty of untapped opportunities that can easily change our world.

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