Actionable Tips to Help You Make Informed Stock Investments

The stock market is very competitive.  If you do not have any expertise in this market, getting started can be very challenging.  Most newbies will have a hard time determining the amount of money to invest, the common mistakes to avoid and the types of stocks to watch out for.  If you are planning to invest in stocks, these tips will be of great help

Only buy what you know

If you cannot clear explain what a company does, then it is not advisable to invest there. This is a stock investment rule that is broken by many people, and it can lead to huge losses.  For example, if you do not know what happens in biotech firms, never invest in their stocks.  Try to focus your largest stock holding in companies know well.  This way, it will be easy to understand what is happening to your money.

Investing in the stock market can be fun and frightening at the same time. If you want to stay focused, keep these in mind:

  • When purchasing a stock, it is paramount to know that you are purchasing the company.
  • If you buy a stock from a company that is not making any profits, then you are just speculating, not investing.
  • People buy the stocks in a company that is making profits so that they can be part of the long-term success of the firm.
  • The stock you are about to purchase should not represent a hundred percent of your total assets.
  • Experts say that in some few cases, such as a severe bear market, it is not advisable to invest in the stock market.
  • It is important to have answers to crucial queries in the market such as, ‘why have you chosen this stock? Why not invest in other places? This will keep you focused all the time.
  • Your logic and common sense are crucial when choosing a stock.
  • The price of a stock varies in different companies.  In most case, the price is affected by the company environment, customer base, the general economy, industry and political climate.
  • For the people who do not know about the prospects of a company, it is essential to use stop-loss orders.
  • Always monitor your stocks in a company even if you are planning to buy and hold them for a long term. You can also consider selling the stocks if you realize that you are not appreciating.  If the general economic condition of the stocks has changed, sell the stocks immediately.

History might repeat itself

In most cases, the past performance of an organization doesn’t guarantee the results of a company in the future. However, in most institutions, there are some patterns that are historical.  If you realize that a company has a history of consistent earning and profitability, it will most likely continue to grow and expand in the future.  The organizations that have a strong history of increasing dividends will be more likely to increase dividends in the future.  It is advisable to conduct some research and learn some of these historical behaviors so that you can be on the safe side.

Play with Own Money 

Considering an idea of taking a loan even you don’t have enough to repay or already have a debt burden from a couple of financial institutions. Though, the excitement of earning easy money can lead you to consider a less credit score loan from without credit check companies. Be aware it is not a good idea and since stocks are not predictable if they will stay for the same price or not. There is a massive risk of losing money and increasing more financial troubles. Know how volatile your stocks are

If you are planning to purchase stocks in a company, it is crucial to understand how volatile they can be.  This can be determined by checking the beta of the stock which is mostly included in all stock quotes.  The stock beta compared the volatility of the stock and the general S&P 500 index.  When the beta of a stock you are buying is less than one, the stock will react less to the current market swings.  If it is greater, then you should expect it to be more reactive.

Signs of fraud

Always be on the look-out for promises of high returns, especially those with little or no risks.  Experts say that these are the classic signs of fraudsters.  In the modern market, all investments will carry some degree of risks. Companies that promise you greater returns, however, will have a risk of a greater risk.

When choosing a stock, watch out for any red flags. Here are some of the companies to avoid:

  • Companies that have been put under investigation
  • Firms that are not earning any profits
  • Stocks that have dropped in prices.
  • The stocks that have dividend cuts that happened recently. Unstable dividend history is a red flag
  • Institutions that have accumulated a lot of debt in the past.

Mistakes to avoid

In the modern market, some dangerous traps should be avoided by people who want to make money in the competitive environment.  Here are some of them:

Never purchase stocks just because of rumors.  Conduct some research from experts and make informed decisions.

It is not advisable to buy stocks that will cost you less than $5. Most of these stocks will not be available on the NYSE OR Nasdaq.

Using margins is sometimes encouraged, but newbies should avoid it.  Using margin can sometimes simplify the returns of an investor and at the same time increase the losses.


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