Green Monday is Important Holiday Season Shopping Day

Some people call the second Monday of December Green Monday, others see it as Cyber Monday 2 or Manic Monday.

Regardless of the name it is given, today December 11 is predicted to be one of the biggest shopping days online of the entire year.

eBay in 2007 coined Green Monday because it historically was one of the biggest days of sales for the e-commerce giant. eBay America senior vice president Scott Cutler said there is a sense of urgency from the shoppers to complete their shopping list during the period. On eBay there are great deals said Cutler and it will be easier to find things and fulfill all the last minute gifts on the list.

According the an eBay prepared statement, beginning at 8.a.m. ET, deals will be released each hour on eBay, including discounts on Black & Decker vacuums, Bose Sound Systems, Drum Sets, and Kitchen-Aid mixers.

This shopping day evolved over the past few years, said one marketing analyst. In 2007, said the analyst shipping times were important and many gifts had to be purchased by the second Monday of December to guarantee they reached their destination in time.

However that is not the same today, as some stores guarantee their shipping until December 22 or even December 23 with Amazon the most notable of all.

Many sales will not have the big deals like seen on Black Friday or even Cyber Monday, but retailers such as Walmart and Kohl’s will have deals on many items both in the store and online.

Most stores want shoppers to come in and buy the deals because there is a big likelihood most would buy something else while there.

At Target’s online store, shoppers save $20 for each $100 they spend on Monday.

The earlier one shops, the odds are higher of finding items you need to complete your shopping list guaranteeing they will arrive by December 24.

The holiday shopping season is critical to retailers as many will see up to 40% of their annual sales revenue during the period from the start of November through the end of December.

This season sales appear to be higher than last and were expected at the start of the shopping season to increase by 3.4% over those of last year.

The online sales for Cyber Monday set a new record of $6.9 billion as shoppers are becoming more confident in the economy and willing to spend more of their money.

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