Amazon Claims Google Pulls YouTube from Its Echo Show

In a very rare public feud between two large tech giants, Amazon said Tuesday that its Echo Show devices were not long able to play YouTube videos because Google, the owner of the video site, stopped supporting its service.

The feud is just the latest to take place in Silicon Valley where competitive tensions took precedence over customers.

Google and Amazon have many areas in which they square off, from online search to cloud computing, to selling gadgets that are voice controlled such as Echo Show.

Amazon, through a prepared statement said that as of Tuesday afternoon, Google chose to no longer allow YouTube availability on its Echo Show, with no explanation and without any notification to its customers.

There is not a technical reason for the decision, which is upsetting and hurts customers from both Amazon and Google.

Google said that this was not a surprise. A Google prepared statement said that Google has been negotiating with Amazon for quite some time, working on an agreement that would provide excellent experiences for clients using both platforms.

However, the implementation of YouTube on Echo Show is a violation of Google’s terms of service, which creates a broken user experience, and Google hopes it can reach some sort of agreement and resolve the issue soon.

Amazon’s Echo Show has shown videos from YouTube without integral features, from channel subscriptions to video recommendations. Google has been in a similar dispute in the past with Microsoft.

It was not yet clear the number of customers who were affected by Google decision. Amazon just started selling its Echo June this past June, which has a touchscreen and will respond to voice command.

The lineup of Echo devices at Amazon, include the Echo and the Echo Dot, have outsold Google Home, which is voice controlled, according to eMarketer the online research company.

Amazon has big ambitions to make it normal to control computers through using voice, and place orders for its retail business online by voice as well.

One analyst called the decision by Google a blow to online giant Amazon, since YouTube is a big video service that they offered in addition to theirs. For that to not be available means a large amount of video content that at one time was available on the Echo Show has now disappeared.

Among tech standoffs of recent, Amazon in 2015 stopped selling TV players made by Apple because they were not supporting its video service offered to Prime members. Earlier in 2017 the two were able to resolve that problem.

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