Google Set To Unveil A Job Search Application

Reports indicate that Google could be planning to unveil a search application for jobs thereby posing an immediate threat to rival LinkedIn. According to the reports, Google’s job search app will be named Google Hire.

“Google Hire is a product under development that will help G Suite customers manage their hiring process more effectively. The product will allow employers to collect candidate applications online,” Google said of the new product.

Google Hire

Though the new app is not publicly available, a link to a website which is thought to be homepage of Google’s hiring application required users to log in using the credentials they use for their other Google products such as Gmail. Immediately, concerns were raised concerning the level of information that Google has collected that would be made available to recruiters. The online search giant was, however, quick to point out that private information would not be shared and only information that users had voluntarily provided would be shared with the prospective employer(s).

Accidental discovery

The discovery of Google’s potentially new search product happened by chance when a search engine marketing and optimization consultant named Dan Shure entered the search phrase ‘jobs online’ in Google’s search box and to his surprise the search results appeared in a uniquely formatted box that had job listings above the regular results. By clicking on any of these jobs in the formatted box, users would be led to a homepage where there was more choice regarding the job title, the location of where the job was being offered, name of employer and so on. Additionally, the portal also displayed jobs by sector. However, the jobs were not attributed to a recruitment service by Google but rather to 3rd part job websites.

Productivity software integration

If Google goes on to launch the job search application it will be setting itself up for fierce competition with Microsoft which in 2016 acquired LinkedIn. Once the acquisition was completed, the professional networking site became deeply integrated with Microsoft Office products such as Outlook and Word. This gave the over half a billion members of LinkedIn a seamless way of working on resumes and applying for jobs. Google could also apply the same strategy since it has its own suite of productivity software such as Google Docs and Google Calendar.

With the new search application, Google is also likely to pose a threat to Facebook which is also eyeing the market for general jobs. LinkedIn is also now more diversified having shed its image as a site for white-collar listings and is now catering to the general jobs market.




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