AT&T Continues To Make Infrastructure Investments For Better Services

AT&T has revealed that it has made investments worth close to $700 million in its wired and wireless networks in the state of Kentucky between 2014 and 2016. These investments were geared mainly towards enhancing speed, coverage, reliability and overall performance to the benefit of businesses and residents. Such investments also led to the improvement of critical services that in the end support first responders and public safety.

In 2016 alone, the number of wireless network upgrades made by AT&T in Kentucky amounted to 846. These included LTE carrier overlays that were installed on cell sites that had been existing, additional carrier adds and bandwidth expansions. AT&T also built 27 new sites in the state. The investments do not however mean there won’t be any more upgrades.

“Our wired and wireless buildout plans in Kentucky include hundreds of millions of dollars dedicated to improving our networks. These plans, which also pave the path to 5G mobile services in the years ahead..” AT&T Kentucky president, Hood Harris, said.

First Responder Network Authority

AT&T was recently picked by FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority) to put up a nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety. EMS personnel, firefighters, police and any other first responders will be able to make use of the network whenever they need it. If and when Kentucky decides to opt in to the network, AT&T will use existing infrastructure.

Another region that AT&T has made significant investments in is the greater Louisville area. In this region, AT&T has invested over $250 million on both wired and wireless networks in the period between 2014 and 2016.

Ultra-fast internet

These upgrades and improvements have made it possible for AT&T to reach over 50,000 clients of the company’s ultra-fast internet offered through AT&T Fiber. The service is expanding fast and the 1 gigabit connection is available in more than 52 cities with the long-term plan being to reach more metro areas. AT&T’s Wi-Fi network is also extensive and is now available in over 40,000 outlets including retailers, bookstores, hotels and restaurants.

These investments come in the wake of AT&T emerging as the world’s most admired telecom firm for the third year running, according to Fortune magazine. Among the globe’s most admired companies, AT&T ranked at position 37 out of the leading 50 firms. Being the only telecom firm on the list, some of the attributes that earned AT&T the honor included the quality of services and products, financial soundness and innovation.

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